While the Holy Qur’an and Hannan’s use of white water have been stopped in some parts of the world in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus virus, many atheist groups have come to their senses. If the Holy Eucharist has infinite power, how can it be sick if it is the body and blood of Jesus Christ? If Hannan’s water is holy water, how is it use infected? Such questions sometimes confuse believers.

The diocese basically gave three proposals. Instead of receiving the Holy Qur’an in their tongues, they were to receive it in their hands, avoiding drinking the blood of a Kaza in the midst of the Holy Qur’an and offering peace in the midst of the Holy Mass. However, some other dioceses advised believers to avoid gathering in the shrine for the Holy Mass.

The Catholic Church has a duty to cooperate fully with the precautions and preventive measures dictated by the health departments of each country to prevent the spread of the epidemic in the world. That is why the church gave these instructions to believers.

The instructions thus given do not, in any way, undermine the significance of the Holy Eucharist. The infinite results of a person receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ are beyond our human intelligence. But we must not forget the fact that until the second coming of Jesus Christ, there will be sickness and suffering in this world.

The Holy Spirit is the body and blood of Jesus Christ. But we cannot forget that the hands and tongues of those who give it and those who receive them are very vulnerable to infection. Therefore, the church is responsible for the health of each believer’s body.

Some diocesan proposals suggest that believers dipping their fingers into sacred water when entering the Temple, the Hannan, which is commonly placed for praying on the cross, should be avoided.

This arrangement is made in every church to commemorate the baptism of Hannan as he enters the Temple. Holy water has the power to protect against demonic attacks. But even with the blessing of a priest, ordinary water becomes holy water and we cannot forget that its physical state and chemical structure are always present. Being holy does not mean being sick. In the history of the Church, many saints have lived the lives of many saints, suffering, and suffering in their own bodies.

The use of Hannan’s water has many spiritual benefits. Therefore, we must use clean water for this purpose. Every disease is a glimpse of death. It reminds us of the decadence of life and teaches us to live in love and cooperation with fellow humans. Therefore, in the case of sickness, it is necessary to cooperate with the instructions of the Ministry of Health of each country and pray to God without being apathetic.

In 1432, a terrible plague broke out in Lisbon, Portugal. It then spread to all parts of the country. Thousands of men, women, and children died from this deadly disease. In the streets, in the marketplace, in homes and in churches, it rained on others.

Many people, including doctors, doctors and nurses, died in the streets because their bodies were not buried. Among those who assisted the dead with zeal was a bishop named Audredaeus. Realizing that the epidemic was on the wane and not diminishing, this holy man called upon the people to call upon the holy name of Jesus. He wandered the streets, calling on those who were sick, dying, and those who were not sick, to cry, “Jesus, Jesus!” He told the people: “Write the holy names on the cards and put them on your clothes. Put them on the bottom of your pillow. Put them on your pillowcase.

He traveled all over the country, providing courage and confidence to the sick and dying. The patients felt like they had a new life. They called out the name of Jesus and put on his chest cards written in the name of Jesus. Amazingly enough. The patients were fine. The dying man rose from their pain. The plague is over. Thus the city was spared the most deadly disease.

This news spread throughout the country. They all began to call on Jesus’ name at once. In an incredibly short period of time, the whole of Portugal was free from this deadly disease. After seeing these miracles, the people gratefully preserved the name of their Savior and their trust in it. There were demonstrations in the churches proclaiming Jesus’ name every day. Altars were raised in honor of this blessed name.

So we can call on Jesus’ name to save the world from coronavirus. Because the power of the Name of Jesus is infinite. He says “… whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you” (Jn 15:16) Pravachakashabdam


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