The Pope has declared October 2019 as the Extraordinary Month Of Mission. The universal Church abiding by his and cyclical is observing various activities, prayers and voluntary services for the mission areas across the globe. 

Partaking in his holy thought, the diocese of Kalyan too, observe the month as a missionary month of 2019. October 9, that is, the ninth day of the missionary month is dedicated towards 1 mission area in India. Let us remember at least one mission area in our country and pray for the people residing in the region. Not just the locals, but let’s also remember all the missionaries, coworkers, priests, religious and local volunteers who tirelessly work for the upliftment of the society. Let us surrender all their academic, social and economic reforms that lead to social welfare and prosperity. 

Let us thank the Lord for the gift of missionaries and their zeal and spirit of service. In commemoration of this, let us spend a few moments in prayer for all those involved in missionary activities in backward societies.


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