PHILADELPHIA: Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke and Bishop Joseph Strickland will host a conference next month in Philadelphia to strengthen their relationship with Christ as the church goes through various crises. The conference, titled ‘You’re Cold to Holdeness’, is hosted by Joseph Newman Chapter of Catholic United for the Faith. The call to holiness of all Christians will be addressed at the Cardinal Burke Conference.

Eucharistic liturgy, prayer and the Marian Rally will be held as part of the conference inside the Philadelphia Cathedral. The crown ceremony is also arranged in the form of Fatima’s mother. In these extraordinary times, the rector of St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral Basilica, Fr. Said Dennis Gill. He added that the church is going through many anxieties and many crises and the only solution is to strengthen the relationship with Christ.

Annie Wilson, the organizer of the conference, said, “Since all Christians are called to holiness in order to receive eternal life, the unanimous resolution on holiness is unanimously chosen.” Cardinal Burke is known as one of the greatest advocates of the Catholic faith. Previously, he was head of the Vatican Supreme Court. Bishop Strickland, bishop of Tyler Diocese, is a bishop who publicly resists the evils of incest and homosexuality.


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