Kochi: KCBC Anti-Liquor Commission Chairman Bishop Dr Yuhanon Mar Theodosius said the government’s liquor policy is pushing Kerala backward. While the government is doing well in many respects, it is the apathy towards liquor policy. He noted that the peace and tranquility of the land was great when the liquor shops were closed during Covid.

Mar Theodosius was speaking at the inauguration of the Zoom Meeting of State Secretariat members and diocese directors. In the absence of alcohol, there was no tragedy in Kerala and there were advantages. He said the government should recognize the prohibition on alcohol as beneficial and reject the income from the liquor business.

The meeting was scheduled to be held at the district-level excise offices at 11 am on 26th, the International Anti-Drugs Day. The committee will publish a study paper titled ‘Kerala backwards through liquor policy’. Fr. John Arickal, Adv. Charlie Paul, Fr. T.J. Antony and Chief Minister Oommen Chandy will issue a petition against liquor policy.


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