A group of Christians in India marked 22nd July, 2017 as Martyrdom Day in remembrance of the faithful Christian Martyrs who sacrificed their lived for the sake of their Faith. The day mainly aimed at paying a tribute to the martyrs as well as encouraging other faithful in the country to stay strong and united in Christ. The day 22nd was chosen as Martyrdom Day as it marked the first anniversary of the rape and murder of a school girl in Chhattisgarh after her family refused to give up their Faith in Christ.

As reported by ucanews.com, My Shibu Thomas, the one who initiated the day through his ecumenical forum Persecution Relief remarked that “The observance is a part of a concerted effort to encourage those who continue to struggle to cope with persecution and challenge to live a true Christian life.”

As per the data received from the Persecution Relief, Christians in the country are going through a struggling stage where proclaiming the word of God as said in the Bible has become a real challenge in a faithful’s life.

Source: www.ucanews.com


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