His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal of Kalyan Diocese while addressing the gathering during the 2nd-anniversary celebration of Kalyan Media Cell (KMC) conveyed the significance of media in today’s world. His Grace Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal also highlighted how the youth are fascinated by the media and urged the young gathering to work for the Lord Almighty through media. Kalyan Media Cell, the media wing of the Eparchy of Kalyan celebrated its 2nd anniversary on 8th July, 2018, with elegance and gratitude at St. Joseph’s Church, Powai.

His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal remarked that  “In two years, this child (KMC) has done miracles. As we remember, many were there for the 1st anniversary of KMC, that time I said that in one year KMC could perform what a great person could perform in 10 years. Now I would say, in two years, KMC could perform probably what one can do in 20 years or in 100 years. That is the wonder that is taking place through KMC. So all the members who are a part of KMC can be proud of their membership in KMC. KMC is reminding us about the importance of media.  Media is greatly helpful- to know each other, to get connected to each other and I think that is the characteristics of a human person. We want to communicate with other people. Communication brings a strong community and relationship. If there is no communication, there is no relation and so a relationship is always based on the way we communicate.” Further, the Bishop added, “We should also be aware of the negative influences of internet communications- how it can pollute the hearts of the children. Today, more destruction is brought about not through weapons but through media. We are concerned about environmental pollution, but are we also concerned about the pollution of hearts and minds? Especially about the hearts of children and the youth? Here, KMC missionaries have a great role to play.”

Mar Thomas Elavanal concluded his remarks by congratulating everybody in the KMC and especially Fr. Franklin Joseph, director of KMC, for his commitment and dedication in building up the media wing so efficiently and remarkably within a span of two years. The Bishop also assured his personal support to KMC and its media missionary activities and exhorted the youth to be powerful media missionaries.