Deacon Jerin Joyson Chittilapilly passed away on 20th June 2019 evening, at LittleFlower Church, Nerul while keeping the Holy Eucharist back in the tabernacle after adoration.

Deacon Jerin was born to Mr. Joyson and Mary Chittilapilly on 19th June 1992 and brought up at Mary Matha Parish, Sakinaka, Mumbai. He joined for priesthood for the Eparchy of Kalyan in the year 2007. He completed his studies in philosophy at St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary, Vadvathoor, Kottayam and Theology at Papal Seminary, Pune. He received his diaconate on 13th April 2019 and was preparing to be ordained a priest in December 2019.

Last year, while studying at the Papal Seminary in Pune, he had an attack of mild stroke as a result of cerebral coning due to cerebral hemorrhage (cortical venous thrombosis), which later got cured. He was first treated at Inlaks hospital and then transferred to Hinduja hospital. He went ahead with his priestly formation after the doctors certified him to be in good health.

He got to know that he would be ordained a priest in December of 2019, celebrated his birthday on 19th June and passed away on 20th June 2019, on the feast of the Holy Eucharist, falling to the ground. He was then rushed to the nearby hospital where after the futile efforts of bringing him back to life, he bid goodbye to the world and went for eternal rest at 08:30 pm.

The funeral service will be held on 25th June 2019 (Tuesday) at Sacred Heart Church, M. C. Road and it will start at 12:00 pm at Mary Matha Church Sakinaka.

Written by Ms. Monica Jose


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