His Eminence, Cardinal Timothy Micheal Dolan gives a message regarding a question most Christians are asked and have been bought in doubt towards the church. His Eminence, Cardinal Timothy Micheal Dolan serves as the tenth and current Archbishop of New York. Recently on the Twitter handle #AskCardinalDolan His Eminence mentioned I’ve received this question from quite a few of you, “How do we move forward and continue to have faith despite all the scandals?” His Eminence, Cardinal Dolan  “it is a lot of bad news, it bothers us, it discourages us” but “the fact is it cannot take our faith away because our faith is not in Priests, Bishops, Cardinals or Pope, which does evil.” 

His Eminence Cardinal Dolan emphasised “Our faith is only in Jesus Christ” he further explains “we have faith in the church because of the assurance Jesus gave us that He will be with the Church till the end of the world” and “the gates of hell cannot prevail over it.” His Eminence clearly states, “The Lord knows, the scandals show that the gates of hell are always trying to prevail over the church.”  “So our faith is in Jesus, He is the only one who will not let us down.” His Eminence explained “and the way we come in intimate contact with Jesus is in and through the church.” His Eminence Cardinal Dolan said, “So Satan is the only victor if we allow the scandals to destroy our trust that we have in for the church.”


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