Milan: Covid 19 witnesses the testimony of a young doctor from Italy, that has been going viral in the media. Dr. Lorenzo hails from Lombardia, 25 km north of Milan, where Corona is most crucial. The testimony of Lulian Urban Lorenzo, a 38-year-old doctor who became a believer, is now rapidly spreading in the new media. The parents were going to the temple, the doctor, who had only hoped in the science felt of the act as one of mockery. Some Italian media have reported on the story of how Lulian Urban became a believer. This was translated by CMI priest Fr. Sonny Ullathikunnel. Now the post has gone viral in the Malayalee community as well.

Full text of the post

Thirty-eight-year-old Luliane Urban, a 30-year-old from Italy who was infected with Covid-19, witnessed the extraordinary testimony from a doctor, Lombardy: “I was an atheist, but now I’m returning to God.”

“What we have seen and done in our hospital for the past three weeks has been nothing but a nightmare. First a small stream, then growing, like a large river; A dozen, and then hundreds, have flowed. Now we are not doctors but selectmen. It is the selectors who decide who should live and who should be sent home to die. Yes, painfully speaking, all of them are taxpayers for the right to life. But now we decide who should live and who should die.

Until two weeks ago, we and many of my colleagues were atheists. One hundred percent believed that science excludes God because we are doctors.

I used to look at my parents at church and mock them. A 75-year-old clergyman arrived here nine days ago. A poor man. He was struggling to breathe. But he always had a Bible in his hand. He reads it to the patients who are dying and reads them quickly. He places the Bible in the hands of some and we looked at it intently.

Two of my colleagues have passed away. Some are sick. In total despair. We have been mentally and physically whole. We see this at this point. Now we agree. As human beings, we have reached our limits. There is nothing we can do except increase the death toll of the people we care about. We began to notice his work. We begin to feel that God begins where man ends. Slowly we approached the priest; We started talking slowly.

Truth be told, we who were atheists until yesterday, now pray to God for peace. Pray for us to help care for the sick. The courage that was supposed to be lost has somehow returned. We are more energetic now. Yesterday, that seventy-five-year-old priest died. That means 120 deaths in three weeks. He helped to give us the peace we never expected in just nine days, when all hope was shattered. Remembering that we were helped by his weakness… ..the good shepherd went to the Lord.

If I continue this way, I will follow him for sure. I have not seen my house for the past six days. I don’t even remember when I last ate. Now I realize I am nothing on this earth. But I will live like that priest until my last breath for others. I am happy to have returned to my God when my loved ones were suffering and dying around me. ”

Since February 21, the Coronavirus virus has been spreading throughout northern Italy. 4032 people have died so far. It tells us daily how many have died, how many have recovered, and the total number of those who have been infected. Last Wednesday, a sad picture of a row of Italian army trucks carrying dead bodies to Bergamo, where there is no room for burial grounds, landed all over Italy. A similar scenario was repeated this morning, with troops carrying 70 bodies to other provinces.

There are 50,724 homeless in Italy. Most are men with an average age of 44 years and low educational qualifications. They live down the street, eating in municipal canteens or a coffee bar. All these services are now closed. The nation now has no time to think about them. Not so; That is impossible now. People who already live on the streets are much more likely to get sick.

At the time of this state of emergency, at least they had a number of well-wishers who were trying to make shelters. The clergyman, Oreste Benzi, is one of them. The Pope John XXIII Community, which deals with the homeless throughout Italy, goes beyond describing what the organization called the “House of Bethlehem.” It does not end with how many churches write about how they care for Italy in distress. The sight of Italy to the beloved will surprise us, irritate us and make our eyes wet. Lulian Urban, the doctor, is very right.



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