Washington, DC: A 62-year-old father who has followed his son’s footsteps, has become a subject of controversy among Americans. On June 21, Fr. Edmund Ilg, a priest of the Archdiocese of Newark, was ordained to the priesthood. Son and priest Fr. Philip was also present at the ceremony. Following Fr. Philip’s reception of Holy Orders in 2016, Fr. Edmund began thinking about his new calling after his wife died of cancer in 2011.

He says that everything started with his family friend saying, “Edmund may be a priest” after his wife’s death. Born and raised in the Lutheran church, Edmund was not very active in spiritual matters. He himself says that he has been in the ministry only six times. Edmund was then approached by the Catholic Church when he was offered the opportunity to share in the Holy Mass with his future bride. The call became stronger when he was engaged in missionary activities in the prison after his wife’s death. He then joined the seminary.

Fr. Edmund considers it a blessing to be able to share his priesthood with his son. However, his son Philip says he does not know how his father became a priest. He recalls that he had never spoken to his father about the priesthood and that everything was God’s will. Philip added. Fr. Edmund is prayerfully waiting for the Diocese of Newark to allocate his duties on September 1, which would have happened on July 1 otherwise, given the present situation around the world.


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