Kochi: The ‘candle song’ organized by the clergy of The Twelve Band in Ernakulam-Angamaly diocese has gone viral in the social media. In the wake of the epidemic, the hymn of the clergy in various parts of the world, praying for the people of God, has gone viral. The hymn is made up of many clergy from the US, UK, Italy and Austria, including a clergyman who is resting in his Priest home.

With the rise of the Corona, most countries have announced a lockdown and people are coming home with the idea that the ’12 Band’ will play a song. Although all the clergy in the band were in different nationalities, the WhatsApp discussion progressed significantly. It was around this time that the Prime Minister called for the flames to be lit in remembrance of the health workers. Finally, after long thought, the prayer song ‘Eternal Eternal light…’ was chosen.
In a short span of time, the songs of the clergy from various lands have become synonymous with the melody song. Over half a million people have watched the video song on YouTube in just 24 hours. The song has been shared on several pages on Facebook. These clergymen are thanking God, who has made them an instrument for creating a song that will bring hope to the world. The ‘Uyarpat’, produced by the same clergymen of The Twelve Band, went viral in the media, incorporating the sacrifices made by the Malayalee community to survive the floods.


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