Today is April 19, the first Sunday after the feast of the resurrection. The Catholic Church is celebrating the feast of God’s mercy today. Most of the temples are closed in the wake of the lockdown, but we can make this day effective by sitting in prayer houses. Sunday of Divine Mercy is one of the chances of achieving total emancipation according to the teaching of the Church. Lord Jesus himself has revealed to Saint Faustina, “On the day of the opening of the abyss of my tender mercies, I will pour out an ocean of blessings to those who seek my mercy” (Saint Faustina’s Diary, 699).

The Eucharistic Lord Jesus revealed to Saint Faustina that the Spirit who confessed His Eucharist was fully redeemed, and on that day all the barriers to which divine blessings were opened, and all souls could come to me without fear.

1) Prayer of Repentance

I confess with all my heart that I hate the sins, for I have sinned against you, my God, who is good and worthy of all love. I love you I regret that I have made my soul unclean because of my sins and lost heaven and deserved hell. I assure you that with your help, you will no longer renounce sinful circumstances and will no longer sin. I am willing to die rather than commit some sin. Amen.

2) The reception of the Eucharist, the adverse circumstances, the reception of the Eucharist. However, when it is the next opportunity for the Holy Communion, make a solemn promise to confess and accept the Holy Mass. Join in the live Holy Mass with online / channels and recite the Eucharistic Eucharistic Prayer.
3) Pray for the Pope Francis
According to the Catholic Church’s religious doctrine, “Redemption is the pardon of the sins of the guilt-free sins before God.” CCC 1471 points out that the penalty may be partial or complete, depending on the partial or complete reduction of the penalty for sin.


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