The Eva Pro Life movement of the Eparchy of Kalyan organised Theology of Body (TOB) for life. This Movement was organised from 15th August to 17th August at the Animation and Renewal Centre, Old Panvel run by the Santhome trust of Kalyan Diocese. The TOB was divided into thirteen sessions which were talked upon in detail. The seminar began on the morning of 15th August, where His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elevanal inaugurated the Movement and Director of EPLM, Rev. Fr. Paul Kunduparambil welcomed the attendees and the resource person Mr. Babu John, President of the TOB for Life Movement.

The TOB for Life was organised as a sequel to last year’s Eva Global Symposium, which intended to propagate the value of human life and means of protecting it.

The seminar covered a wide range of topics including Human Body, Sex and Marriage, Homosexuality and the Catholic Church’s opinion on the topic, Soul and Body, Heaven and He’ll and so on. With detailed talks and question- answer sessions, the TOB was an enlightening experience for the participants. The topics were explained in spiritual as well as, on a psychological and scientific level, with inputs from Dr. Jasmine. Apart from the seminar, praise and worship sessions were conducted everyday and was led by the Music Ministry team led by Mr. Prince George and Grace Ministries.


As intended, the TOB for Life was attended by majority of youth along with priests, seminarians, religious and laity of the Eparchy of Kalyan. With a clear conscience about the human body, it’s physical and spiritual aspects and life as a whole; the three day seminar has positively influenced the way, the youth thinks about the otherwise controversial and wrongly deemed aspects of life. The program was intended to make all its attendees, Prolife leaders of the Eparchy, to equip them to lead the change in the Diocese as a whole. The TOB for Life concluded with an adoration session, invoking the wisdom for the world, to understand and respect life by all its means.


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