Kochi: A prominent evangelist, TV preacher and Protestant pastor of the Assemblies of God, Sajith Joseph, and thousands of believers under the Pentecostal movement called ‘Grace Community’ have entered the Catholic Church. After seven years of searching, praying and thinking, Pastor Sajith Joseph and the believing community return to the Catholic Church. The ‘Grace Community’ Pentecostal movement led by Brother Sajith today has branches and branches in every continent. All believers in the celebration this Christmas will be in line with the Mother Church.

Several years ago, while taking a class at Pentecostal Seminary, a question posed to him by a student-led him to rethink. Whenever he speaks of the Church and the Scriptures, the whole history of the Church, which describes the events of the past 500 years, and the history of the 1500 years before him, has led him to a long study. He says that Jesus’ glorious light allowed him to find ways to search for the true church and he was able to personally speak to the three Church Fathers in Kerala.

The bishops of the Latin Church had the opportunity to speak in detail about the ‘Grace Community’. The bishops offered a warm welcome. The ‘Grace Community’, which includes members of the Jacobite Orthodox Church, will continue to be ecumenical. He also said that the current mission of the Grace Community is to act as a conduit for the apostolic church.

Thousands have joined in the past from apostolic churches to various Pentecostal churches. There are more than 200 families in Grace Community from Changanassery alone. All of them are returning to the mother council. Brother Sajith and his family return to the Latin Church. The Grace Community will be holding a special lecture from 11:30 am (Dec. 10) explaining the reasons for their return to the Catholic Church. The live broadcast is available on Grace Community’s YouTube channel and on Brother Sajith’s Facebook page.


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