Rome: After nearly two months of lockdown, Italy is opening its doors halfway. There are still between 300 and 400 deaths due to coronavirus, and nearly two thousand (1900) new cases of the disease are reported, and 40 million individuals in the industrial sector on Monday (May 4) return to work. At the end of this month, each parish was to include believers before the feast of Pentecost with several conditions. Representatives of the Italian Bishop’s Conference announced that permission to offer Mass has been received from the government today (no date fixed).

Other concessions made by the government

* No one should travel without it. It is not permitted to travel from one region (state) to another region. Outsiders must wear masks and gloves. The distance should be two meters.

* Visit the homes of close relatives: parents, children, siblings, cousins… They are not allowed to roam outside their friends’ homes or with them. Children can be released in the presence of their parents within 200 meters of their own home.

* Schools will only open in September. Universities (colleges) will also continue to offer classes and exams online.

* The Government has allowed the resumption of training for professional athletes and for individual athletes such as athletics.

* Restaurants, bars, and beauty parlors are only allowed to open in the first week of June.

After a two-month lockdown, the government is urging everyone to “pay close attention and try to make changes to their daily lifestyle until a vaccine is found. Everyone must live with Corona.”

As Pope Francis said last day, “Let us be prudent and obedient.” We, each of us, our loved ones, the future of this country, and of this country, are now dependent on each one of us. If a small mistake comes in, everything will fall apart.

The report, from the SIM in Italy. Sonia Therese, MistyLook Theme. JR


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