Jalandhar: The Diocese of Jalandhar organized a campaign on how to use modern communication technologies to propagate the ‘witnessing role of Christian youth and families in the modern world’. The seminar was inaugurated on 10th October 2019. It is held at the Gyanodaya, Chogity, Jalandhar. 

Under the guidance of the Diocese of Jalandhar and the world organization of the catholic communicators- SIGNIS, the seminar will be held for four days. The event was inaugurated by Most Reverend His Lordship Bishop Agnelo Gracias, who is the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Jalandhar. Other eminent resource persons for the workshop are Fr. Sadiq Martin, Fr. Norbert Herman, and Prof. Sumit Dhanraj.

The workshop is a four-day seminar and would conclude on Sunday, 13th October 2019. 



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