Texas: United Methodist Church, the second-largest Protestant community in the United States, is split following a series of disputes over homosexuality and homosexuality. The result of the referendum at a special general meeting of the House of Commons in St. Louis last February has been the subject of much debate. Of the 438 members voted in the House Council, 384 opposed it.

It was initially decided that local evangelists and councils in each country would make the decision, but this would only lead to more problems. This led to the division. The official announcement of the division of the church was made this Friday, January 3rd. Presbyterian and Episcopal churches have already permitted same-sex marriage and homosexuality.

It is interesting to note that the number of LGBT supporters is increasing among Methodist priests. At the same time, the traditional Orthodox view that this is contrary to the Church’s general teaching. Rev. The 16-member committee, headed by Keith Bate, is currently conducting a detailed study of the divisions. Partition proceedings may be completed by next May.


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