Kochi: Malayalam cinema star Jayaram shared a memoir of Abel Bachchan’s 100th birthday on his birthday. In a note to the ‘Deepika’ newspaper yesterday, he revealed that if he had not met Abelhachan, Jayaram would not have been the one we see today. Jayaram described the past years of his life at Kalabhavan with Abelhachan as the most beautiful years.

Today is Jan. 19. Abelhachan’s 100th birthday. Can’t believe it. How much time has passed. I feel like everything is yesterday. Abelhachan is the star of the arts today. But to me, he is the incorruptible star lamp. Beginner of all my riches.

From the time I landed at Kala Bhavan on September 24, 1984 until my death, it was the love of a father. We had an indefinite father-son relationship. Had you not met Abelhachan, you probably would not have seen Jayaram today. I still remember those early moments in my art house. He came to his father for the first time with fear and much respect.

Achan asked him a little more seriously what he knew. Mimicry will show. I said with a grin. Then imitated Prem Nazir. Is ‘Prem Nazir’ the imitator of Tanner? Father’s question in seriousness. I was worried. But he chose me that day. Later, Achen told me. ‘Your first performance was very good. I will not say anything to you ahankaramuntakatirikkanan. ”

My life is eventful Kalabhavan to 88 until 1984. The days of Abelhachan. The oven was getting deeper each day. I have never been angry with him, despite his former anger and goodwill. I can proudly recall that it was probably my only luck.

I have never met a person who loved and encouraged artists so much. He was a perfect artist. But he never showed any of it. At the venues featuring Mimicspared, he would have come to the audience without us even knowing. We will evaluate our performance. The next day, we will ask if you have any feedback on the previous day’s program. “Oh, you were there,” he said, laughing a bit. This was the greatest characteristic of his father’s character.

All credit for my cinema entry is with Achin. The videocassette of the Mimics Parade performed by the Kalabhavan team in the Gulf showed the son of Pappettan (Padmarajan) and showed him to me. That’s how I get into film with Aparan.

My father’s joy at knowing that I had the opportunity to film was great. So much more difficult. I told him I saw him in the movie and got a chance. Achen said with a bit of sadness. “Then I lost you,” he said again in his usual style. “You can’t escape.”

Upon reaching the cinema, Kalabhavan drove away from the group, but my relationship with Kalabhavan and Abelhachan continued to grow stronger. He used to call from time to time, whenever he came to Ernakulam. He showed great affection not only to me but also to my family. He was very fond of Parvathy and her children. He doesn’t go to anybody’s houses normally. But I’ve spent a long time at my house in Chennai.

Not so long ago, there was no one else who cared so much about my career. He wouldn’t go to see the films I was acting. But when he releases each film, he is eager to tell others about it. When one of my two films did not meet the expected success at the time, Achan phoned. ‘You hear that your troops are not running. Why? Because I said, ‘Oh, it will come up like that.’ There is another incident that touched me the most.

I have had the great fortune of laying the groundwork for the Kalabhavan Talent School, built with innovative ideas and vision. The names of many dignitaries in India were also laid to lay the foundation of the school. It was a decision. But Abelhachan did not. One of my sons is enough. Everyone agreed with his father. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Abel achan died on October 27, 2001. On January 26, 2002, Achen held a grand reception in Thiruvananthapuram. My family and I were invited as guests. We ended the conversation by saying that we would meet him on January 26, when we finally phoned Achen. But before that, he went to receive the angels of heaven.

Time has passed. It has been 19 years since Abelhachan died. But the memories are not death. Some of the most beautiful years of life. That was the Kalabhavan days. All the colleagues of the day went astray. But everyone still shines in their respective fields. He has added to my art life and I will keep it forever. That’s the guts he gave to me.


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