Santwanagram, a charity organization consisting of three homes, named Anugraha- Boys Home, Karunalaya- Girls Home and Ashraya- Old age home, which was started by the Diocese of Kalyan 10 years before, celebrated Home Day and Patroness Day with elegance and joy, on 3rd October,2017. His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal presided the celebration as the chief guest and conveyed the significance of mercy and blessings in one’s life and also expressed his gratitude to all the people who work for the success of the organization.

His Grace Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal remarked that “The three homes of Santwanagram are like three beautiful flowers that add beauty to the organization; the name Anugraha means blessings and so the children living here should consider themselves as true blessings, likewise, the people living in Karunalaya should be shown mercy and the old people in Ashraya should be made comfortable and should be sheltered with love.” Further, His Grace added, “Everyone living on this earth is meant to be a solution for other’s problems, through which we will be able to help each other and make a better living.”

His Excellency concluded his message by expressing his gratitude towards Fr. Tomy Neliyani, director of Santwanagram, Fr. Paul, Sisters and other teachers, for their tireless efforts and generosity in bringing Santwanagram as a beautiful home for the needy. His Grace also exhorted the people to join their hearts and hands together to make the children in these homes feel more loved and important.