The second day of Krupabhishekam Bible Convention began with a Holy Mass celebrated by Msgr. Emmanuel Kadankavil of Kalyan Diocese, concelebrated by Fr. Raphael and Fr. Frinto. The day witnessed spiritual deliverances under the guidance of Fr. Dominic Valanmanel and team. The Convention that began from 8th November pours out eternal experiences to all the faithful attending the retreat at Patini ground, Airoli. Fr. Dominic, on the second day, explained the significance of ‘tears while praying’.

Fr. Dominic emphasized on the sacrament of confession and urged the faithful to confess with tears. He reminded that sincere confession is powerful and thus called the gathering to pray sincerely with a clean heart.

The convention that begins from 4:30 pm with the Holy Mass concludes at 10:00 pm with Adoration. Thousands of faithful gather at the ground to experience and gain spiritual touch of the Lord Almighty through this retreat.