Saint Prisca, also known as Priscilla, was a saint in the early Roman Church. Born as the daughter of Christian parents in an aristocratic family, Saint Prisca lived during the Roman Emperor Claudius. Although Claudius did not persecute as much as other Roman emperors, Christians were not prepared for open faith. In fact, there was no doubt that St. Priscilla’s parents had, to a large extent, succeeded in concealing their faith.

The saint, however, did not feel it necessary to exercise caution in concealing his faith. At an early age, she confessed her faith in Jesus. Soon the matter reached the ears of the emperor. The emperor seized her and ordered her to sacrifice to the pagan god Apollo.

Saint Prisca, who had unwavering faith in Jesus, refused to do so, and for this reason they viciously attacked the saint. Suddenly, a bright yellow glow appeared above her and she appeared to be a small star.

Emperor Claudius had ordered the siege of Saint Prisca, hoping that he would renounce his faith in Christ. When all attempts to change her mind failed, she was taken to the Amphitheatre and thrown to the lion.

Holy Bholesamanya stood firm with the crowded crowd. The lion came to the naked girl and licked her feet. The Emperor, trembling at his futile attempts to dissuade her, eventually murdered her by the neck.

Priscilla is said to have been buried in a cave in a large cave, according to statistics of the seventh-century Roman martyrs.


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