President Donald Trump will visit the Vatican and meet with Pope Francis on 24th of May, the Vatican said on Thursday. The information was confirmed by Paloma Garcia Ovejero, Vice Director of the Vatican Press Office.

When Pope Francis meets with President Donald Trump at the Vatican this month, the world will be watching how the Argentinian “Slum Pope” interacts with the brash, New York billionaire-turned-President. The trip is an attempt to unite two of the powerful world leaders, in the common cause of fighting terrorism, war in Iran and thus “unifying the world against intolerance,” White House officials said on 4th of May. The issues that are going to be covered during the discussion would include the issue of immigrants, conditions of Muslims in US, the Syria conditions and other such delicate topics.

Besides being the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, the Pope is a head of state. Such meetings thus allow for an exchange of views on world affairs and a chance for the Pope to encourage ethical solutions to world problems.


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