Vatican City: Pope Francis has approved the nomination process of twenty-six people based on martyrdom, heroic life and mediating miracle. The Pope has recently asked Cardinal Angelo Bechu, the head of the Vatican Council for the naming of saints, to go ahead with the naming process of people from Italy, Spain, Poland, Canada, and Germany. Sisters of the Poor, founder of the Palazzolo Institute and Italian clergyman Fr. The marvel of mediation by Luigi Maria Palazzolo was recognized.

With this, Luigi Maria Palazzolo is finally on the nomination process to be elevated to the Holy See. The date of Holy Communion will be announced later. The miracle of intercession of another Italian clergyman named Olinto Marela was also recognized. Fr. Olento Marela will be elevated. The Vatican acknowledged the martyrdom of fifteen clergymen and laity who sacrificed their lives for the faith in the Spanish Civil Revolt of 1936. They will be elevated to the position of blessing.


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