Holy Father Pope Francis Pope Francis offered final greetings to Colombia following the Holy Mass in Cartagena, at the conclusion of his apostolic visit, by inviting the faithful in Colombia to continue the journey anew each day. His Holiness expressed his gratitude to many people who had prepared his visit for their hard work and sacrifice, especially thanking Colombian President Juan Manual Santos and civil authorities.

As reported by Vatican Radio, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “These have been intense and beautiful days; I have been able to many people and to experience many things that have touched me deeply.” Further, His Holiness finally exhorted that, “Colombia, your brothers and sisters need you, go out to meet them and bring them the embrace of peace, free of all violence and be slaves of Peace forever!”

 His Holiness Pope Francis reminded the faithful in Colombia to not be content with “taking the first-step”, instead asked them to continue the journey anew each day, going forth to encounter others and to encourage concord and fraternity.