Vatican City: Post the midday Regina Coeli on May 3rd, the Pontiff pronounced his support for inter-religious prayer service and declared May 14, 2020, as the day dedicated for the same. The Pope stated, “It is important to bring together scientific capacities, in a transparent and impartial way, to find vaccines and treatments and to guarantee universal access to essential technologies that will enable every infected person, in every part of the world, to receive the necessary health care.”

The Universal Inter-religious prayer day was called up by the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity. Post the recital of the midday Regina Coeli at 3 pm, the Pope expressed his support to the call, saying, “Prayer is a universal value.”

The committee reverted to the Pope’s support by saying, ” our world will become a better place for humanity and fraternity than ever before.”

Pope Francis has asked the faithful and members of all religious denominations to observe the day as one of prayer and fasting. The Holy Father asks of the humankind to incessantly dedicate the day in hope of a vaccine to cease the diabolic pandemic.


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