Rome: A multicolored mural of a Japanese-style maiden in the Italian shrine as gathered great attention from far and wide. The image of the Mother Mary wearing a kimono is on the main altar of the shrine in Italy’s Chivietaweki, named after Japanese martyrs. According to reports, the temple is the only Japanese artifact in Europe.

Luca Hasegawa had painted a one-size-fits-all maiden statue of the Virgin Mary on the  Altar of the Sacred Temple named after the Martyrs of Japan.

Jesus’ dove is another highlight of the rare mural. It is noteworthy that on the sides of the maiden, the painter painted St. Francis Xavier, the Apostle of Japan on the right, and St. Francis of Assisi, the mediator of Italy.

Luca Hasegawa had painted the art as a spiritual offering without any remuneration. He said that the prayers were for everyone who shook his hands, while the painting was made. Luca Hasegawa, who died in Rome in 1967, is buried in the church cemetery at Chivitevakia, according to his wishes.


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