Kottayam: Mar Mathew Arakkal, who has come to St. Mary’s Church, Peermede for the past four decades to celebrate his Mother’s Amalthobha Thirunal Day, has not missed the mark yet again. For the 39th consecutive year, he will be celebrating the feast of St. Mary’s at the Peermede St. Mary’s Church. When he was ordained in the Archdiocese of Changanacherry, he was ordained to the missionary service at Peermede, where he was ordained in a leaked chapel.

The parole church he had previously served in resembled the image of the Holy Virgin Mother in the church, very similar to the image of his mother. It is noteworthy that even after 39 years, he has not lost the tradition of dedicating his ministry to the Holy Mother in the social conditions of Peermede where development has not been so successful.


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