His Excellency Bishop Mar Paul Chittilappilly, the first Bishop of the Kalyan Eparchy , is called to eternal rest. The late Bishop took his last breath at 6:30 pm due to cardiac arrest, on 6th September, 2020. On 7th September, his body will be brought to Thamarassery Bishop House at 8:30 am and at 10:00 am  Thamarassery cathedral will pay homage to their beloved  bishop. On 8th September, at 11:00 am the funeral services will be held under the presence of His Excellency Mar George Alencherry , current Major Archbishop of the Syro Malabar Church, in Thamarassery cathedral.

Mar Paul Chittilappilly was ordained  priest on 8th October, 1961 and his episcopal ordination was on 24th August, 1988. His Grace Bishop Chittilappilly’s efforts in gathering the faithful of the Kalyan Eparchy under one umbrella of gospel will always remain memorable. His service to the Kalyan Diocese began from 14th May 1987, when he arrived in Mumbai being the Monsigner and in 1988 the diocese was established under his guidance and prayers. Mar Chittilappilly took charge as the Bishop of the Kalyan Diocese on August 30th, 1988. He provided the diocese with strong foundation of faith and determination to walk in the path of divinity and tried his best to build churches in different places, under the diocese. In 1997 February, His Excellency Bishop Chittilappilly was appointed as the Bishop of Thamarassery Diocese and served the diocese till 2010. Kalyan Diocese owes a debt of gratitude to its prime and former Bishop and will always remember his efforts in bringing up the diocese in the path of faith.

Catholic Focus expresses heartfelt condolences and joins the Kalyan Eparchy in praying for the soul of the late Bishop Mar Paul Chittilappilly. May his soul rest in peace, by the grace of the Almighty God.


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