Vatican City: Pope Francis says human dignity should be respected even in the face of medical rejection that says there is no salvation. On Thursday, January 30, the Pope was addressing the entire conference of the Vatican Council on Faith. The pope reminded that if the person has emotional distress and spiritual crisis along with physical laziness, the patient should be surrounded by medical care, hope and connection.

The parable of the Good Samaritan teaches us the attitude and attitude of the brother who is in pain. This is because human trafficking is something that is often overlooked. Whatever the reason. There is no compassion in the heart of the person who sees the painful brother. Therefore, he is unable or unwilling to understand the meaning of the reality he saw or go beyond. But he who is merciful in heart is a tender heart, seeing his brother’s pain. The pain of another will touch him. He will take care of the fallen man’s ashes and take care of him. Pope said.

In the event of a loss of true value, the obligations of ordered solidarity, humanity and Christianity are diminishing. The pope added that the creation of antibodies against the ‘culture of throwing up’, recognizing the intrinsic value of human life, establishing a lifestyle of communion and maintaining the foundation of coexistence would be a mark of a truly civilized society.

The Pope’s speech also commemorated Mother Teresa’s life in Calcutta, which taught that those who are supposed to have lost human dignity should be respected, even in the last moments. The Pope concluded the speech by congratulating other Cardinals, bishops, clergymen and other close staff members for their service under the leadership of Cardinal Louis Ledaria Ferrer.


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