The Feast Day of St.Joseph, the humble worker is celebrated on May 1st. Special prayer intention was delivered by His holiness Pope Francis for ‘those who have lost their jobs or are unable to seek out work.’ His Holiness Pope Francis described the low employment rates that mark the current situation across the world as a global tragedy.

The Pontiff addressed to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square for the General Audience on May 1st, as International Labor Day. The Pontiff interceded during the catechesis and asked the patron saint of workers, St.Joseph, to pray for those that have lost their jobs or are unable to seek out work.

At the catechesis, His Holiness continued the discussion he had dedicated to the ‘Our Father’ in the past weeks, he reflected on the prayer’s next part ‘Lead us not into temptation.’ The Pope recalled a current discussion and proposal concerning a possible change in translation during which that invocation might become ‘abandon us not once in temptation’.

His Holiness Pope Francis explained that tribulation and temptation according to the Gospel was mysteriously present even in the life of Jesus and said that “this experience of the Son of God makes him completely our brother”. The Pontiff continued Heavenly Father “who always fights for us, and is not against us”. Following he concluded, we pray to our Father “lead us from times of temptation”, but when this time comes, he said “show us we are not alone, show us that Christ has already taken upon himself the burden of our cross, show us that Christ is looking on us to carry the cross with him, and help us to abandon ourselves to Your fatherly love”.


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