“Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.” (Psalm 105:2)

Fr. Sunny Memorial Church Choir Competition that was held on 7th November, 2018, sparked its euphonic energy with wonderful music aura at Kalidasa Natya Mandir Auditorium, Mulund West. The presence of a huge number of crowd and participation of 23 teams made the event a big success filled with joy and music. The teams gave their best and sang to glorify the Lord’s name and the hymns were raised up to Heaven where the angels joined to sing for the Lord Almighty. Fr. George Vattamattam, youth director of Kalyan Eparchy Youth welcomed the chief dignitaries and faithful to the competition.  Fr. Justin Kallely, Chancellor of Kalyan Eparchy officially inaugurated the function and appreciated the participating teams and congratulated the Kalyan Eparchy Youth for their efforts and hard works.

The 23 teams with a good number of participants gave their best performances and reached out to the audience through the love in their music, in the presence of prominent judges. After the competition, the dance performed by the dance crew of Kalyan Eparchy Youth did indeed set the stage on fire with their vibrant and energetic performance. The vibe of music never left the auditorium and the aura kept rounding the corners and this relieved the faithful away from the mood of competition to the magic of music and belongingness. His Excellency Bishop Mar Thomas Elavanal of Kalyan Diocese encouraged the participants and remarked that “This choir has almost become a day that is dedicated for the youth of the Eparchy. The youth have always tried to maintain and develop good qualities in their works that itself defines their level of dedication and commitment.” Further, His Grace Bishop urged the parishioners to be a part of their parish choir in order to make their choir group more confident in singing for the Creator. He also appreciated the KEY dance crew and exhorted them to continue the same. The Bishop, concluded his remarks by highlighting that “If the youth really works hard for something with full dedication, they will achieve it for sure.”

All the dignitaries on the stage appreciated the hard works of DEXCOs and the youth who helped to make the competition fruitful this year as well. Every team that participated, had already won the hearts of the crowd who were gathered in the auditorium and so the awards were just considered as a form of motivation but indeed the awards really did inspire the other teams to come up with much more amazing music next year. St. Alphonsa Church, Mankhurd, won the first prize, St. Joseph Church, Andheri Mahakali, won the second prize, the third prize was won by Sacred Heart Church, Colaba, Mother of Jesus Church, Antophill grabbed the fourth prize and St. Thomas Cathedral Church, Kalyan West, won the fifth prize. Fr. Sinto Pulikkotil, assistant director of Kalyan Eparchy Youth expressed his cheerful gratitude through a vote of thanks.

Hats off to all the intellectual minds and dedicated faithful who worked tirelessly to make the Fr. Sunny Memorial Church Choir Competition an unforgettable event this year as well.