SHIKHPURA: Pentecostal shrine in Hakimpura in Shaikhpura district of Punjab province of Pakistan was attacked by a mob of militant Muslims. Following the attack on Friday, the church was left empty, which destroyed a wall and cross of the Trinity Pentecostal church. Behind the attack were armed Muslims led by property developer Abbas and Ali Shan with anti-Christian slogans demanding the return of the land purchased for the shrine.

The former owner was demanding that the 101-square-meter vacant land be sold back to the shrine. Believers say the attack is blasphemy and needs action.

There are more than sixty families under the Trinity Pentecostal Church. Abbas and seven others have been charged with blasphemy by the police, but no arrests have been made so far. Usually when such cases occur, the police intervene and rescue the victims. The Christians had staged a protest demanding the arrest of the attackers.


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