Boston: The Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts, reaffirms our belief that there is an angel sent by God who guides and protects every believer without even knowing it. Midnight experience for Kevin Staley-Joyce. Fr. Staley-Joyce himself told the outside world about his experience. Fr. Said that it was his guardian angel who approached a dying patient at the right time. Described by Staley-Joyce.

Before going to bed the night of the event, Fr. Staley-Joyce put her phone in silent mode. But in the middle of the night, something felt uneasy. I got up and walked. Just before he arose, the clergyman realized that he had called from the hospital to give the deceased a last-ditch. He didn’t know what they were calling because the phone was in silent mode. Fr. According to Staley-Joyce.

At the same time, many clergymen have come forward with comments that they have had similar experiences. “No one would believe me when I say how many times I’ve had this experience. According to a philosopher I believe, I have a very busy guardian angel – not more than one, ”said Fr. Daniel Dover.

Another Twitter user has commented that your angel or angels woke you up in due time, saying that this is a real miracle and that he wants to see his angels do the same for him. On the other hand, there are many people in Fr. Staley-Joyce is sharing her experience with the media.


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