Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the faithful gathered at St. Peter’s Square for his weekly general Audience meet reminded that the Holy Eucharist is a wonderful event during which Jesus Christ, our life, becomes present. His Holiness began a new series of reflections focusing on the Eucharist and highlighted the significance of how we attend and of how we participate in Holy Mass in order to experience our relationship with God.

As reported by Vatican radio, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “It is important to go back to the roots and rediscover what is the true meaning of the actions we carry out during the celebration of the Sacraments, Eucharist allows us to take part in the sacrifice of Holy Mass and approach the table of the Lord.” Further, His Holiness added, “The word Eucharist means thanksgiving, because we thank God for allowing us to receive him.”

His Holiness concluded the meet by reminding the faithful t to rediscover the meaning of the Eucharist and of the other Sacraments which are the signs of God’s love, the privileged ways to meet with Him.