The eleventh day of the Extraordinary Month of Mission is observed as a day of fasting for the Diocese of Kalyan. The Diocese believes that fasting is a very powerful way of invoking God’s presence in our lives. Moreover, it is the ultimate sacrifice a human can offer to redeem selfless mercy for the missionary workers and their mission areas. 

With utmost devotion and dedication, let us observe a day of fasting and proclaim our solidarity to the missionary activities led by the great souls of the diocese. 

Today, let us remember each and every family that is unable to furnish their hunger. Let us offer a day’s fast to those afflicted by years of impoverishment. Let this day be a day of sacrifice and prayer for the welfare of the children of God who have suffered enough and deserve an upliftment. Like the people of Nineveh who took up to fasting to please God, let the diocese of Kalyan too, fast and pray for our brethren who serve and are served in mission areas. 



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