Christian leaders on the Channel Island of Guernsey have united to author an open letter opposing assisted suicide legislation which will be debated in the coming months. Signed by 53 pastoral ministers and 41 churches, the letter spelled out the dangers of introducing physician-assisted suicide in the bailiwick, calling the measure dangerous for the community.

As reported by CNA, the joint letter read, “We believe the proposal to introduce a legal provision for assisted dying to be misplaced and indeed a danger for us as a community, particularly for the most vulnerable in our island. We believe the States of Guernsey should focus on the care of vulnerable people, support the Les Bourgs Hospice, increase mental health provision and care well for those with age-related dementia. As a community, we need to celebrate and support all of life and not actively seek to terminate life.”

Debate on the whether to approve in assisted suicide legislation in principle will take place May 16 in the territory’s legislature, the States of Guernsey. Guernsey is a Crown dependency for which the U.K. is responsible, located off the coast of Normandy. The Christian leaders on Guernsey also urged citizens to discern deeply the potential impact of introducing physician-assisted suicide, particularly on the community’s most vulnerable citizens.