“The gifts you have received are for each one of you responsibility and a mission.” Pope Francis.

Cathcanvas, a new initiative of the KMC’s Catholic Focus of the Eparchy of Kalyan, is a platform where the artistically talented faithful of our diocese, volunteer themselves to foster the Catholic Faith through their artworks. This initiative helps in creating more media missionaries amidst the time where the faithful are experiencing great difficulty in dealing with the world scenario.

The journey of Cathcanvas started with a small innovative idea by Fr. Franklin Joseph, director of KMC. He handpicked some of the finest artists across the diocese to start this initiative and shared his idea of starting a platform where the artists get an opportunity to showcase their talents and convey the knowledge about Indian Catholic history and faith by their artworks. It is an easier and creative way to foster faith in the young generations oof society.

Cathcanvas is currently working on its first Project ‘Indian saints’, and later on will be taking up new projects. This project focuses on the life history of the saint, which has been divided into different chapters. Each chapter is then depicted through the artwork of the volunteers. Right now Cathcanvas has 13 vibrant volunteers.

Cathcanvas’s online Exhibition for the Month of May 2020 has started, with artworks on display touching different topics each week. The artworks of the faithful of the Diocese are exhibited across the social media accounts of Cathcanvas and Catholic Focus on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Below mentioned are the links to the official handles of CathCanvas online exhibition:






Inputs: Anena Varghese



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