Houston: A black Mass community will be holding a public gathering today at a winery in Houston, United States. The Houston branch of The Satanic Temple has been organized the Black Mass under the name “An Evening with the Beast.” For the first time in the state, a Black Mass is offered in public. Elvia Leva, the organizer of the Rosary Rally, told the Catholic portal, the Militant Church that she was shocked to hear that such an event was being organized to insult the Lord in her city.
Elvia Leva warned that a black mass in public space would bring great curses to the city. It’s like opening the door to demons. Leva says that the Lord can withdraw His grace and lead to destruction. Regina Seeley and Annunciation parishioners in Houston are intending to host the rally and offer redemption prayers at various locations to prevent the Black Mass.
Leva requested that the winemaker be called upon to refrain from organizing the pagan worship and that the prayer is strengthened. This past August, believers, and clergy gathered in front of The Cowen Hotel in Ottawa which was to host the first public Black Mass in Canada’s history. Various reports suggest that the Black Mass failed. The image of the worshipers of Satan, eagerly watching the believers praying with fervent prayer, the Eucharist and the crucifix, had gone viral.


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