The family apostolate and Kudumba Koottayma of the Diocese of Kalyan jointly organized a gathering of all the bachelors and bachelorettes of each Parish from the diocese. The meeting was held on 6th October 2019 at the Animation and Renewal Centre, Panvel from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
The meet was presided over by the director of Kudumba Koottayma, Rev. Fr. Shaibu Paul Malethadathil. The entire event was taken care of by Mr CG Varghese and volunteer bye buy the members of the Panvel Forane.
The bachelor and Bachelorette meet was organized for all the unmarried youth who wish to get married in 2019-20. The program open to both youth and their parents. The day concluded with the celebration of the Holy Qurbana by Rev. Fr. Shaibu Paul Malethadathil. Around 100 participants attended the meet.


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