LAHORE: A seven-year-old Christian girl has been abducted and raped in a village in Talwandi village in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The girl was abducted by Mohammed Shoaib. Local media reported that the girl was later found dead in a wheat field in the area. Mohammed Shoaib was taken into police custody. Nadi’s mother passed away a few years ago. Nadia was with her father, Buta Masih.

On April 11, when Buta Masih returned home around 7 pm, Nadia was not found. Immediately, the search began with the locals. Nadia, meanwhile, was found brutally harassed by Ghulam Sabir, who was searching for a girl crying from a wheat field in Talwandi. Despite the arrest of the accused, there is no significant motive in these incidents. It is common for the accused to escape due to high levels of pressure.

Violence against women belonging to minority communities in Pakistan is a regular occurrence. According to The Movement for Solidarity and Peace, about 1,000 Christian and Hindu girls are abducted each year. It is customary for them to marry the same man who abducted and molested her. In the meantime, there will be forced conversions. Since all this is happening in the veil of the majority religion, even the global legal system is being blamed.


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