Ventura: The ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters’ attempt to dismantle the image of St. Juniper’s in California has been thwarted by the heroic intervention of Catholic youth. The attempt to demolish the image of the saint in front of the City Hall in Ventura has collapsed due to the active involvement of Catholic youth. The young people who stood boldly between the protesters and the form were becoming defensive. In 1936, the image of Saint Junipero, the founder of California Missionaries, was placed in front of City Hall.

Protesters on social media were calling for a rally in front of City Hall at 1 pm on June 20 to break the shape. “We will no longer celebrate slavery, massacre and rape.” Nearly 200 protesters rallied in front of City Hall, chanting slogans such as “Black Lives Matter”, “He’s Not Holy” and “Father of Genocide”.

Some even thought that the statue would be damaged. However, Catholic youth, including college students, who arrived in front of City Hall just before 1am, bravely gathered around the form with placards and prayers, “Save Sera.” In spite of provocation, ridicule, and even the smoke of a nearby generator, the Catholic youth defied the plans of the assailants.

At one point, at the urging of one of the preachers, the protesters rushed to the statue, which disturbed the scene, but prevented them from entering the sidewalk. The scene was calm after Ventura police intervened. Rev. Fr. With the blessing of Elovot, the young people were left behind. Prior to this, the attacks on the demolition of San Francisco and Los Angeles were met with widespread criticism.


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