Birmingham: The Door of Grace was held at Zion Catholic Church on November 23, 2019, at St. Gerard’s Catholic Church, Castlevale, to enable the young people of tomorrow to open the door of God’s mercy, to guide the promised youth of tomorrow, to discern the good and evil of the present. Registration and food were exempted from charges.

The convention was aimed at promoting the purity of life and was conducted by Zion UK’s leading orator and youth minister, Rev. Fr. Shyju Naduvathaniyil. Parents will also have special services during the ministry’s prayers. The convention started at 12 noon on 23rd and concluded at 4 pm.

The Door of Grace was a special service aimed at empowering youth in Jesus through the blessing of the Second Saturday Convention, which paved the way for major advances in the field of European neoliberalism. Rev. Fr. Soji Olikal and the Ministry of Abhishekagni invite all young people and their parents in Jesus’ name.


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