Athens: The Greek Orthodox Sunnah of the Greek Orthodox Church declares that yoga has no place in the Christian faith as it is a fundamental part of Hinduism. The official decision was taken at a Synod meeting held on Tuesday under the patronage of the Archbishop of Athens, Eumenimos. There was widespread media publicity that yoga was effective in combating stress during the coronation. It is in this context that the Greek Orthodox Church came to the fore with caution.

Although the Greek Constitution respects religious freedom guaranteed, it is the church’s unwavering responsibility to avoid religious integration. Therefore, the Church reminds Christians that yoga is not just an exercise but a basic part of Hinduism. Therefore, yoga is not up to our faith. Yoga has no place in the lives of Christians, he said.

In addition, international organizations such as Rotary and Lions International have sent out Synod Circulars to their clergy requesting them to abstain from religious activities. The church pointed out that religious programs that include such organizations in addition to social programs are not conforming to the Orthodox faith. The circular also warns of the activities of the new Protestant organization, the Hellenic Missionary Union. In 2015, the Greek Orthodox Church issued an official decree making it clear that yoga had no place in the Christian life.


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