BIRMINGHAM: Nine more days to light the flames of the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the soil of Europe. Fr. Along with Xavier Khan Vattayal, the world-renowned preacher of the Catholic Ministry of Abhishekagni, Fr. Soji Olikal, Fr. The Malayalam Residential Retreat “Efatha Conference”, led by Shaiju Naduvattaniyil, will be held from December 12 to 15 in Derbyshire, UK. The event starts at 2 pm on Thursday and ends on Sunday at 2 pm. Children will have special classes.

As the liturgy of prayers and sacrifices comes to fruition, the charming Hayes Conference Center in Derbyshire will become Europe’s anointing mountain. Bookings for the few vacant seats are ongoing. Booking ends at 5 pm.

Bishop of Great Britain, Mar. Joseph will attend the Scribal Meditation. The preparations are being made under the leadership of Brother Shibu Kurien, International Coordinator of the Catholic Ministry of Abhishekagni and Brother Saju Varghese, UK Coordinator.


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