Moscow: Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill has warned that if Russia does not conform to the traditions of the millennium, it will collapse. The Patriarch noted that at the beginning of the Corona, the number of churchgoers had declined, and that secular authorities were more important than the Holy Trinity. The Patriarchs said this in a video released by signing a constitutional reform ballot.

Recalling that Russia had a special place in history, the Patriarchs said that efforts were being made to integrate modern-day Russia into the empire of the Tsar Emperor’s day. Nations that stand close to God, based on previous Jewish traditions and Christian faith, will never fail. He said that nations that reject God will have nothing but destruction. Pointing out the problems the United States is facing today, Patriarchs said that the nation, which is so obsessed with technology and luxury, is now halfway through its path, but some people have realized that a great nation without God is impossible.


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