Washington, DC: Washington’s lieutenant governor, Cyrus Habib, has made the decision to become a Catholic priest by throwing the highest office in the United States. The 38-year-old said openly that he was attending a clergy training in the church and therefore would not contest the next election. Cyrus Habib said the decision was made after two years of prayer and preparation. He also testified openly about the greatness of his Catholic faith.

His decision to leave active politics will come as a surprise to those who support him. But it was the Catholic faith that inspired him to enter politics and make moral choices. The best way to deepen his commitment to the community is to reduce the complexity of my life and dedicate myself to serving others. He also urged us to remember our prayers as we journey along the new path. Habib, meanwhile, did not specify under what provinces in the US the clerical training was conducted.

The family of Cyrus Habib, who immigrated to the United States from Iran, originally lived in Baltimore County, Maryland. He lost his eyesight at the age of eight and is one of the rare individuals to have survived cancer three times. In 2016, he was elected governor of Washington State. Along with this position, he is also the president of the Washington State Senate. His decision to abdicate the priesthood by abdicating from high office has welcomed the Catholic community.


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