An international seminar on the condition of youth in the world was held on 11-15September 2017 at Jesuit General Curia, in which around 82 young faithful from around the world attended the event, as well as various experts and pastoral workers. The sessions in the seminar reflected on several themes, including the young and identity, the young and otherness, the young and planning, the young and technology and the young and transcendence.

As reported by, the statement released by Vatican stated that “The presence of young people from different geographical, socio-cultural and religious contexts made the seminar more interesting and they contributed actively to the study days, also introducing and concluding the event with their life experiences and reflections.” Further, it stated that “Since the Seminar was also open to all those interested in the theme, around 50 guests also took part, including some young people.”

The seminar was mainly held in preparation for the 15th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the theme “The young, faith and vocation discernment”, to be held in October, 2018.