All these days we have been discussing about various pollutants in the atmosphere, and their resultant effect on the ecosystem. The chemicals released from the factories, gasses released from cattle sheds, and other artificial experiments have culminated in the disintegration of the air around us. We all know the process through which rain occurs. These pollutants become a part of the rainwater and gushes into the biosphere paving way for severe health hazards.

To overcome the said crisis, man found new technology to purify water for drinking purpose. In other words, the pollution prevalent in the environment paved way for the invention of “Water Purifiers”. Since then, we have seen a lot of advancements made in this appliance. It began as a normal water purifier with a rather simple mechanism; and now there are myriad kinds of the same, eg. gravity based water purifier, RO purifiers, UV water purifiers, UF water purifiers, multi-stage water purifiers, etc. A detailed study of these machines explains that only 1/3rd of the water is used while the rest, specifically, 2/3rd of the water is wasted. Because we are living in a land struck by global warming and other environmental issues, it has become mandatory for us to save that waste water.

The water which is termed to be unfit for consumption can be separated and accumulated in a reservoir for future use. This so called ‘waste water’ can be used for many purposes like gardening, washing cars, washing clothes, etc. Hence, the water which seemed to be worthless, has now got a new meaning. This way, we can assure that water is used judicially and the purpose is also served  with much ease. Let us try to avoid wasting of water in any manner. For us, this seems to be merely an option, but for the generations to come, this will become a need for survival. If the global warming continues, water will get more scarce and they will have to struggle a lot to sustain. The only help that we could offer is, to conserve as much water as possible.

Let us not limit this practice to ourselves, instead be torchbearers to the others in our society and create the much needed awareness regarding the alarming situation our world is heading to.


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