The United Christian Action’s (UCA) Silver Jubilee Seminar, following its annual general meeting at the William Carey Hall of Celebration at Nisheman School, Delhi, on November 17. The seminar saw senior Church leaders, institution heads and activists listen to law experts and others call on Church institutions to take the moral leadership in ensuring environments safe for girls and women. His Grace Archbishop Anil J T Couto of Delhi inaugurated the seminar with Delhi Church of North India Bishop Waris Masih, Baptist, Methodist and Salvation Army leaders in the audience of academicians, teachers and others.

As reported by, The UCA said it was willing to organize workshops across the country in conjunction with experts to bring about an environment in which victims were heard and action taken promptly. Among the many proposals mooted was a helpline on the patter of the one run by the United Christian Forum for pastors persecuted by communal elements and for people of the North-East. In her opening remarks and the summation, Esther Kar, Retired senior bureaucrat, said the church has a leadership role in society. It is an ethical and moral force, and must acknowledge, debate and reform issues arising out of oppressive power structures towards women.

The seminar concluded with the resolve to continue the conversation, to audit our own institutions of the church to be able to correct the imbalances and to ensure that we are all equal and one in the body of Christ irrespective of gender, caste, colour and race.