The Pilgrimage is being led by the youth of Nottingham, Coventry, Bristol, and Gloucester, in anticipation of the feast of Pentecost. This is a time when Christians around the world are preparing for the Feast of Pentecost as never before. It is against this backdrop that the youth of Nottingham, Coventry, Bristol, and Gloucester Malankara Missions have come forward to increase the spiritual refreshment of their communities in the face of Lockdown.

The Pilgrimage Pilgrimage means that the Bible is to be recited on the eve of Pentecost at 10 o’clock on Thursday, May 21, the day of the Ascension. Malankara Catholic Church, Youth Commission Chairperson, Aboon Vincent Mar Paul will inaugurate the Pilgrimage. This is an unbounded word of prayer because every day for 13 hours is a day of prayer before the Eucharist. More than 100 people from all four Malankara communities will join the pilgrimage in nine days. The Malankara order will be open from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm every day. The Qur’an also makes the Bible pilgrimage even more spectacular.

Young people have decided to participate in the WhatsApp group in addition to their daily reading of the Bible, as well as a special intercessory prayer for the whole world for these nine days. The Pilgrimage is organized by Jaime Michael, Johann Manoch, Jerome Mathew, Vivian Johnson, Mia Manu George, Daniel Milton, Jewel Jose, Joby Jose, and Andy Manu Manosh John.

It is commendable that Yuva Sabha’s strong efforts to uphold the spiritual heritage of Malankara which they have inherited while growing up in a non-religious culture in the UK is commendable. Malankara Catholic Church, UK Thomas Madikummuttutil, UK MCYM Director Fr. This project has the support of the youth of Ranjith Madathirambil and the support and encouragement of these four missions and Chaplain Fr Matthew Neriyattil. This spiritual endeavor is blessed by the head of the Malankara Catholic Church, Moran Mor Baselios Cardinal Clemis Bava, and the Apostolic Visitor Mar Theodosius.


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